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Cryopets is a hybrid clinic, being part animal hospital and part cryonics facility. At the end of their natural lives, we offer cryopreservation for pets as an alternative to burial or cremation, giving them a chance at life in the future.

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When the heart stops?

Not too long ago we thought that when the heart stopped, death had occurred. Now we know that we can restart the heart and resuscitate patients, therefore death is not as simple as when the heart stops beating.

What is death really?

Death only truly occurs when the structure of the brain has been disrupted to a point that it cannot theoretically be restored in the future. This is known as information-theoretic death, which cryopreservation aims to prevent.

How does Cryopets help?

When our medicine today can no longer treat the sickness or trauma ailing a patient, they are "declared dead". Cryopreservation of pets allows us to pause biology until we can revive and heal them in the future.

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Why cryopreservation?

All animals have a strong survival instinct and want to keep living, but eventually, their bodies begin failing them. Our pets have unique personalities, memories, and love for us. We can give them the chance they deserve.

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Salt Lake City, Utah

FEMA Disaster Map

Disaster Return Period in Years










This map shows the average years between FEMA declared disasters for each US county. We're building our facility in Salt Lake City, ranked as the 4th safest city in the US from natural disasters.

Pets are safely stored in cryogenic dewars until we can revive them in the future. Utah is the perfect location to keep them stable until that day comes.

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Emergency Kits

Cryopets is constructing emergency pet stabilization kits for the event of sudden, unexpected death. These will be available exclusively for members — join the waitlist.

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