Kai Micah Mills

Kai is the Founder & CEO of Cryopets and a Thiel Fellow. A high school dropout, he sold his first company at just 16 years old and has spent the last decade building tech startups.

Kai Micah Mills


Cat the Cat

“Cat” is our founder’s 10 year old cat and the main reason Cryopets was started. All living things with unique personalities and memories shouldn’t have to face an inevitable end. We can solve the death problem.


Scientific Advisory Board

Aubrey de Grey & Tanya Jones

Aubrey de Grey, PhD and Tanya Jones

LEV Foundation, Methuselah Foundation, Keinice Bio, Alcor Life Extension Foundation


Thiel FellowshipCryoDAO21st Century MedicineForesight InstituteOn Deck Longevity Biotech

Cryopets is located in Salt Lake City, UT, ranked as the 4th safest city in the United States from natural disasters by FEMA.

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